Investing in the lives

of girls in communities around the world.


When Naomi saw me that afternoon, she smiled but her eyes betrayed her. Are you okay? I asked my 11 year old friend in a rural community near Accra (the capital city of Ghana) curiously. She nodded. I could see hurt and pain yet passion and vision for a better life in her brown eyes. She was not the only one. All the others who surrounded me that afternoon for the basic radio broadcasting training  that I was facilitating looked same.


My stomach rumbled. My heart spoke silently as I began thinking hard what I could do to help improve the lives of these young girls I have the opportunity to meet and to know through my work as a project facilitator for the child rights radio project I was volunteering for. Some years ago, I was just like one of them. It is not a pleasant life as far back as I can remember… Growing up, there were a lot of realities, situations, circumstances, systems and theories that were unfavorable to girls’s development and progress every corner I found my small self. These realities, situations, circumstances etc affected and still do affect women’s education, health, personal  and professional development.


As Noami and her friends surrounded me I could see. I could smell. I could hear them scream silently “we want a better life and we want to let the whole know that!” That was when I began seeing beyond the brown eyes, the dark skin colors and the heights of the young lives- our future life-givers, ministers, presidents and agents of change surrounding me.


I had a different lens from the one I was wearing that particular day and my heart began singing “I have a dream…” But what can I do? How can I do what I want to do? These questions among others slipped into my thoughts uninvited as I tossed helplessly in bed that night.


I shared my experience  that day and vision with Maxwell who had been leading a student group. It was not too long that   “GREIGH’ FOUNDATION” was born  with the vision of seeing "a world where every  girl, boy and young woman would be assertive and economically independent through quality education."


Today we are grateful for our Greight team who are working in communities around the world to empower girls, boys and young women from difficult backgrounds.

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